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When you're down to your last few dollars and the prospects for making more seem dim, anything that'd help you to make money fast would be a good thing, right?

After all, this is the Internet and anything is possible, or so it would seem.

Well, it's a dog eat dog system that some people know how to cause virtual havoc with, so anything that doesn't comes back to bite you in the backside has to be a good thing!

make money fastSo what's all this make money fast business?

Rapid Cash Generation

The title and the numerous references to make money fast that you'll find in this post are designed to give this blog some authority with regards to the keywords, make money fast.

This side of the make money online niche, which is, let's face it a lousy one to try to make money in, is one of the few that is not so highly competitive just yet and gives me a chance to rank well with some of my sites.

It's interesting that other websites sit on Google's page one for on of its long tail keywords. These sites are about how to make money online, which believe it or not is quite highly searched with the words in that order.

How can you get a site to the top in position one for certain high traffic "money" oriented keywords before other sites in the niche and stay there

Those that occupy those lofty positions probably bought themselves to the top by buying high-authority back-links from high authority websites. That's something that I haven't resorted to, even though I think that in this niche in particular it would be money well spent.

So where should you be looking in order to make some money quicklyt, if not the make money niche?

The Money Niche

Well, just about any other niche will do as long as you can research and uncover long tail keywords that don't have too much competition.

That's the secret to how to make money fast online: Make your sites in different niches and sell either affiliate products or use PPC ads like adsense. The prime objective is to use the right web marketing strategies to get ranked highly in the SERPs to attract organic search traffic.

For instance, you could be working in the video games niche or weight loss, credit and finance, currency trading, personal development, home and garden or just about anything else you can think of. Anything that you can earn cash from a home business via the Internet is fair game.

That is the key to success. You won't make a red cent attracting a ton of social traffic from stumbleupon, or digg or any of those sites. People who use those services are predominantly Internet Marketers of at the very least online street-wise and these kind of people know what PPC ads are and don't click on them.

They also know what affiliate links look like and don't click them either.

Organic search traffic, on the other hand are not so aware and will click your ads to navigate away from your page, making you money. So you have to create an environment on your website or blog that creates this scenario. You need lots of good content to satisfy the search engines in order to rank highly, but that content does not have to be so good.

Old School Thinking

If you want to make money fast from your sites, this is the single most important part – your content should NOT answer the questions of your visitors.

If they find your site in the SERPs because they have a need, you must NOT satisfy that need. Your content must be good, but not so good as to give your visitors what they want, else they will have no need to click you ads.

If they land on your homepage and start reading but don't find they answer to their question, they'll most likely click an ad if its well placed to navigate away from your page in search of the answer they seek.

This goes against what you've been taught and what is deemed to be good blogging practice. You have been brainwashed into believing that you should write your very best content, best grammar, perfectly spell-checked highly informative and full of useful information.

I believed this for a long time too. But after over a year of working in this way and NOT making anything like the kind of money that I should have been making, something was obviously not right.

You Makes Your Choice

You have two choices and they are separate and distinct.

You either write well and enjoy your blogging and writing and attract a good readership and loyal fans, but don't expect to make enough money from it to eat.

Or you switch your mode of thinking into make cash fast plan, and stop writing such great stuff and instead write for the search engines. Make your posts long and rambling so they can contain as many of your keywords as possible without stuffing.

Don't actually answer the questions that your post give the impression they are designed to do. And make some money.

This post is quite long enough, so I'll stop here and will continue this theme in a future post.


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