Work at Home Job vs. Home Business

If you're looking for opportunities to make money online, a look at work at home jobs vs. home business will come across a wide range of income generating options.

Essentially, you might be at a crossroads with the types of offers you see when you have ads for work at home jobs and also a work at home business.

What's the difference?

It is the question that's probably running around in your mind so that you can finally come up with a lasting answer about your often thought about phrase "I need money now".

The Work at Home Job

Opportunities to make money online are usually work at home jobs. This is when you work like an employee for a specific company. You can look at it as having the same setup with your day job. You have a set wage for the kind of work you do.

The place where you work is the only thing that's different. You work in the comfort of your own home. In addition, it won't be surprising that you'll find several work at home jobs that gives you control over your time.

There are many variations of this, such as freelance writing or coding, app creation for a company, doing online surveys, or even working at playing video games for money.

Just as long as you complete the job for the day, it wouldn't matter if you do it late at night, during your free time or when your kids are off to school.

The Home Business

For a home business, this can be anything that you like. It doesn't have to deal with working with the internet if that's not what you want.

If you've got a skill for baking for example, you can start a home business selling baked treats and goodies. Here, you'll be taking care of every aspect like the advertising, the sales, and other overhead costs.

Think about what you want when you're looking for a way to make extra income. But if you're talking about making money online, you want to do a search for work at home jobs or opportunities.

When you choose the job that you really like, it follows that you'll also do the job well. And when this happens, it isn't hard to imagine that you no longer have to worry about your finances. And you're worrisome thought about "I need cash now" is going to be a thing of the past.

On the other hand, if you're looking to put up a home business, what you'll find online are starter kits. You can choose to buy these starter kits where you'll have a mentor to help you through starting your own business.

Again, the costs will all be on you. You're starting from scratch and you'll have to work things out to make your business a success.


Making money today consists of two main options. You can work for an employer doing a work at home job or you can put up your own business.

The internet is a wonder and you can use it to make money. With work at home jobs, you can do data entry, pay per upload, blogging, and the like.

For home businesses, it's your call. Take a look at the some of the business opportunities like being an affiliate or entering into drop shipping.

However, make sure that you've got the difference of these two options down before you get started. You don't want to pay money for a starter kit for a home business when what you really want is a transcription job that will supplement the income you're making at your regular job.


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