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Welcome to Make Blog Money, a website that shares the knowledge and experience of a long-time Internet Marketer on how to make money using a blog or website as the vehicle for getting the word out there.

In keeping with other blogs I host, this one is all about how to make money with a blog, hence the name! As it's brand new, I don't expect to attract a huge readership overnight.

However, I will be posting regularly and adding more to this site as I go, as it is destined to be much more than a simple blog.

I will be adding several sub-pages which will include an articles database and resource page to start with. Then who knows - pages can be anything you want them to be when you host your own blog!

Making Money with a Blog

Whatever you may have heard, here is one thing that should make up the first lesson on how to make money with your blog. And it is this:

Get yourself some professional webhosting, from an established and well recommended host, like the one this blog is currently hosted on: Hawkhost (see sidebar banner).

It doesn't cost much for the absolute ton of features you get with it - one of them being the ability to setup a Wordpress blog if that's what you want, or a more simple, yet effective static website as this is in its latest incarnation as at January 2024.

The difference between one of these that you host yourself and a free Wordpress (or any of the other excellent free blogging services) is that you call the shots!

  1. You decide what content you put on your blog and what you leave off.
  2. Your hosting company will be in their interests to make sure your service stays up - Hawkhost guarantees 99.9% uptime. Free blog hosts can't match that and are liable to take the service down whenever it pleases them, not you.
  3. You can add sub-pages to your blog and call them what you want and put on them what you want too. You can't do that with free blog hosting.
  4. You can upload big files to your server and lots of them if you want to sell your own electronic products like ebooks, photographs, posters and graphics, software, MP3 files - pretty much anything you want. With Hawkhost you get plenty of disk space - try filling that up! You also get unlimited bandwidth per month for all those lucrative downloads! Are you starting to like the idea of Hawkhost as opposed to your own host?
  5. Hawkhost allow you to add as many domains as you can afford to buy and host them - in fact unlimited domains and subdomains. They also give you unlimited MySQL databases, which means you can set up as many Wordpress blogs as you can afford to pay the army or writers you'll need to fill them all with posts!

A Money Making Machine

Now that you have your blog up and running, it's time to start posting content that is relevant to the niche (topic) of your blog and that visitors will find interesting and useful.

As you add more pages to your blog and it starts to look like a good content source, you need to start monetizing it to get a return on your hard work and generate an income.

The two most popular ways to do that for beginners are:

  1. Pay per click advertising
  2. Affiliate marketing

Either method utilizes the content of your blog to include ads that will produce income as visitors show up to read your work and interact with advertising.

That's not to say that visitors will simply start clicking your ads and buy stuff via your blog. Most won't.

But as visitor numbers grow over time, the potential for some of them to do just that increases. As the numbers get up into the hundreds, there comes a tipping point where the odds of a tiny percentage of those visitors becoming interested in the ads that your pages are serving that they will click and possibly buy also grow.

To coin a well used phrase in business: "It's a number game."

Meaning that the greater the numbers of visitors, the greater the chances of some of them clicking one or more of the ads on the page.

And that, my friend is how you start making cash from a blog!

Going Forward

Is this a good first lesson on how to make money with your blog or what!

Most first posts on blogs simply say something like "Hello world- come back when I can think of something to write about..." - OK, maybe not so many, but I like to have a little bit of humour in here too - blogging isn't just about how to make money, you know!

That's about all I have time for on this first, illuminating and highly interesting post on how to make money with your blog. If you liked it, please Tweet it and/or tag it with any one of the main social media bookmarking services you subscribe to. Feel free to leave me a comment too if you like, I'll reply to it as long as it's not just spam (which I will just delete!).

Thanks for reading my ramblings - hope you got something from it.

First Published on Tue, Aug 14, 2007

Latest Update: Mon, Jan 15, 2024

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